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Revelation Online Server Changes Detailed - Posted By playerhot (futshop) on 15th Jun 17 at 5:57am
Revelation Online Server Changes Detailed, New Event Underway

The team behind Revelation Online has buy revelation online gythil game quite the beehive of activity as of late. By adding brand new features and touching up areas where needed, Revelation looks to continue to ensure that it provides the best gameplay experience possible for its loyal community.

The latest upgrades made to RO include the localization of the game via server merges, which will be taking place on June 14th. On the subject of servers, major enhancements have been created to bring any stability and potency than before. Larger servers bring any opportunities to each previous and new players, delivery a lot of competitors to the PvP stage within the likes of Battlegrounds, Clan Wars, association Tournaments and a lot of. For people who like the PvE side, raids and dungeons can currently be a lot of accessible, creating it easier to seek out larger teams for content like 20-man instances.

All server firsts are reset on instanced dungeons and scours on June fourteenth, with the eu servers reopening at 8PM CEST, and North yank servers at 7PM PST.

Meanwhile, following revelation online imperial coins romanticism and Iceborn expansions and updates as recently, a different event is presently afoot, lasting till June twenty first. this can supply players WHO login on specific days to urge their hands on some neat rewards, thus log into the sport as often as doable between currently so. Its value noting that this event won't run on the thirteenth and fourteenth June.

Head to the official web site for an in depth verify what things area unit on supply.
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Re: Revelation Online Server Changes Detailed - Posted By generalcategory (generalcategory) on 9th Oct 17 at 8:48am
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